Monday, August 31, 2020

The key - Collaboration

     Even if the photographer is the one who presses the shutter release, and so often gets credits for a good picture, there's still always at least one more person involved in making of the image, and that's the model/s of course. So in the end that superb image is not only a result of one person standing in the front of the camera, and someone else standing behind it and then pressing that button, but it's  more like a beautiful co-work of two persons wanting to create something nice and beautiful.

   Both have their roles of course! A good model actively tries to find poses and expressions. She/He also listens what the photographer is telling to do and tries to follow that guidance. And then if She/He has good ideas, I don't think any photographer would shut the ears from listening to good ideas. I mean if a model is wanting to try some ideas of her own, it's just showing she's actively trying to make the shoot end up with good results.

  If the model should be active, then the photographer should be even more. It's not just giving direction, telling the model to do this and doing that, but it's more like building a good connection between the two parts. Keeping up the conversation, joking, giving compliments, making the model to relax. Then there's  that posing part. Sometimes the model finds the good poses by herself, and sometimes the photographer have to tell her what he wants to be accomplished. Often the pose is good, but still a small fine tuning is needed, so that's when the photographer tells what to do. And the photographer tries to check out where the light is good so that the model is placed in the right spot. if any artificial lights are used he/she makes sure that they are moved so that the light hits the subject perfectly. And don't forget the backdrop, the photographer keeps constant watch over the background so that there are no distractions being visible, no poles sticking out from the talents head or something else that will distract the viewer 

  When both parts actively try to do their best, the outcome will be a bunch of good maybe even excellent photos! Ok, there will probably be a load of frames with bad poses, closed eyes, awkward hands and weird composing, but with good cooperation all those misses are minimized, and the result will be a fun shoot and excellent images!

  Here's a few images from a shoot with Sini a couple of weeks ago. The shoot was fun and cool, and with some good collaboration we made some really beautiful pictures!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Shooting with strangers can be scary, but it's worth of it!

   One of the most challenging genres of photography for me has always been people photography. For years I used to say that I love to shoot turtles and snakes because they won't complain about the images taken of them. Honestly, as a shy person, I just avoided portraiture and shooting people, because I was afraid! But as I saw more and more good portraiture, good photography involving people, I started to feel like "Hey that's something I want to do!". I'm lucky to have a nice and beautiful wife, so I started with her as a model. Then I moved to friends. Some where more eager than others and I have had the privilege to shoot weddings, family portraits and some personal photos with friends and family. So if you'd love to shoot people, start with the ones next to you. That's good training! Finally I had the guts to try with someone I don't know. I've always felt like that's the ultimate thing to do as a photographer, to get in contact with people you don't know, make an appointment, discus what to shoot, where to shoot and when. I so hoped that someone would make it easy for me and they just would call me out of the blue and beg me to photograph them. I didn't happen! So finally I decided to write a few lines on social media begging for help. I turned to a local TFCD-group on Facebook and asked if there would be someone willing to model for me (If you don't know what is TFCD, just Google it). And just to make a short story a bit shorter, I found a model to shoot with! To be honest, It scared the... out of me to do it! First to ask, then to answer for the willing model, ask where, when and what etc. etc.! But after an agreement for co-operation and one lousily slept night before the shoot, there I was finally in a park on a sunny Saturday in the center of Helsinki, getting ready to shoot with this gorgeous model. I definitely was nervous, but no worries, she was a very easy going person with whom it was nice to talk. She didn't bite and we had a two hour photo shoot and great time together (At least I had). So the only question for my self is, "Why didn't I do this earlier?" Here's a few pictures we made together...


Wednesday, January 8, 2020


  Urbex, urban exploration, ue...?! You ever stumbled across these terms and wondered what is that?

  First, what it's not! It's not burglary! It's not vandalizing or braking places! It's not what only kids do!

  How about illegal? Yes... well in some cases! Dangerous? It could be? Interesting? depends! Fun? Well, in my and many other peoples opinion, definitely YES!

  Here's a wikipedia definition of urban exploration  and what it might include.

  For me and so many others entering and exploring abandoned places is one way of coping with stress. It's also away to be interested about history, people and how they lived and what they did before. And for me personally it's a way of challenging my self. Why? I've always been a bit of afraid of  darkness, so for me every time I enter a new abandoned building or place, it's like a conquer. It's like competing with my fear and winning! And then the photos you can make in such places, they are just marvelous. Of course there are some risks. Some places are already falling apart, so you can end up falling and hurting yourself or the ceiling might fall on you. Asbestos, mold, glass! And then occasionally you might bump into other people, like for example junkies, vandals, homeless, other urbexers... and as you know people are people, some are good some are bad but you never know who's what, and in an abandoned building or such it's pretty "interesting" to meet people. So there definitely are some risks to consider. But then you can always minimize some of them. Good shoes and clothing, a torch, good physical and mental health, minding where you step, good skills in communicating with people etc.

  Do you feel intrigued? Me too! How do you find all those abandoned and interesting places? I'll return to that in some other post. For now, enjoy the images from different locations... and by the way, do you love to explore abandoned and decaying places? If you do, please comment below why!


Monday, January 6, 2020

My plans for this year (and something from the last)!

  Lets start again because it's the beginning of the year anyway! I don't do any new years promises, but I still can make a try to keep this blog going on.
As it's a new start, I'll try to make and write in this post some kind of a framework for my future posts for this year... Ready?

I will definitely gonna write about urban exploration, which is checking out and exploring all kinds of decaying and abandoned stuff, buildings, vehicles, places, just to mention a few. Here's a couple of images from this and last year.... (text continues after the pics!)

Then there is my other love, Portraiture! That's definitely on the top of my want to write about things! What gear, how to light, how to pose, head shots, full body, fantasy... well, people photography you know and me learning and doing things. Here's a couple of examples from the past year...                                         

And then there is landscapes! I shot a few of them last year, and nothing will stop me shooting them this year...                                                                                                                                                  

And who knows if I'll take my gear out in the search of  snakes and other interesting creatures and natural phenomenons?...                                                                                                                             

...Hope you enjoyed the images, and I really wish there will be lots of more both pictures and adventures for me and you this year. Stay tuned for more!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Mustavuori caves / Mustavuoren luolat

  One day when in a local book store I noticed a book, or actually a book cover, which intrigued me quite a bit. In the image a person was standing in a place which reminded me of something similar like "Tomb raider" or some other action / adventure game scene. Could this place really be in Finland?! I opened the book and tried to find the pages where the place was mentioned, but because I was in a bit of a hurry I was left clueless , I didn't have time to find it! Good for me, there's always uncle Google, and with a few search words I came to the conclusion that the place has to be the WW 1 bunkers just on the east side of Helsinki. Of course I had to go there! So on Friday afternoon I jumped in my car and headed for this interesting spot. I parked my car on a nearby parking place, and because I didn't have any Idea where to start my search I once again checked the coordinates from the world wide web. Pretty easy I thought, the place was marked pretty well in the map, so I just started my walk which wasn't too long. Some 10 minutes later I had found a cave. The cave actually was a tunnel which had been pierced through rock. Made a few images and walked through the cave to the other side. Even if it was pretty cool place, it wasn't the place I was looking for. "Never mind", I thought, "The spot I'm after can't be very faraway!". So I started my search. Allover in the forest there were trenches dug in the rock, remains from the time when Russians tried to fortify Helsinki during the WW 1. I walked here, and then I walked there, and I just couldn't find the place I had seen on the book cover. Then finally when I already thought I'm in the wrong place I stumbled across this fairly deep pit, with two man made caves in the stone wall, and there it was! The place I had been searching. And how was it down there? Here's some images...

  Aina välillä törmää uusiin tutkittaviin paikkoihin ihan sattumalta. Kirjakaupan hyllyssä pisti silmään kirjan kansikuva joka minusta näytti enemmän "Tomb raider"-pelin lavasteilta kuin joltain Suomesta löytyvältä paikalta. Vaikka äkkiä yritin kirjan sivuilta löytää paikkaa, niin kiire kun oli jäi koordinaatit saamatta. No, onneksi on ATKn ihmeellinen maailma. Ei tarvinnut kauaa hakea niin olin jo melko varma että paikan on pakko olla Mustavuori ja sen linnoitukset Helsingin itäpuolella. Uus tuttavuus meitsille, joten ei muuta kuin sinne. Alue löytyi melko kivuttomasti, ja eka luola tuli nopeasti koluttua läpi ja jopa pari kuvaakin otin. Mutta se kirjan kannessa ollut paikka? Ei muuta kuin kiertelemään. Siellä täällä kuljeksittuani ja kiveen hakattuja vallihautoja kierrettyäni alkoi jo olla fiilis että oon väärässä mestassa, se kansikuvapaikka on jossain ihan muualla! Sitten melkein puolivahingossa jalkojen alla avautui se kuvassa ollut syvänne ja sen pohjalla olleet kaksi isohkoa luolaa. Sinne ja äkkiä kameran kanssa. Harvoin on pohjalla oleminen tuntunut niin mukavalta. Mielikuvituksellinen paikka ja  toisella kertaa palaan sinne mallin kanssa. Tässä muutama maisema kuva...


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Abandoned leather factory / Hylätty nahkatehdas

  Trespassing old abandoned places... Just how cool is that! A week ago I where on my way to Ostrobotnia and the town of Kokkola. Just a couple of days before the trip I made a Google search for old abandoned buildings and places in the area just to see if there would be something to explore nearby. Bingo! In a not too faraway village there seemed to be this abandoned leather factory. With the help of the old trusty Google Earth it was pretty easy to find the exact coordinates for the building. I was waiting for a mostly empty building, but it was a nice surprise to notice that there were quite much of the old equipment left on its place, so exploring the factory was very exciting. Here's some images..

  Aina on niin mukavaa löytää ja tutkia hylättyjä rakennuksia ja fiilistellä ränsistyneitä mestoja. Oli pieni hetki vierähtänyt siitä kun viimeeksi oli päässyt mitään hylkyä pällistelemään, joten kun oli tiedossa että ollaan lähdössä Pohojanmaalle ja Kokkolaan, niin pakkohan se oli pistää pieni haku "Kuukkeliin" ja tarkistaa mitä ympäristöstä löytyy. Montaa klikkausta ei tarvinnut vaivautua tekemään kun löytyi hylätty nahkatehdas ihan Kokkolan liepeiltä. Google earth-palvelun avulla koordinaatit pystyi paikantamaan aika helpolla ja heti kun oli mahdollista, niin sinne. Monestihan hylätyt tehtaat ja talot on melko tyhjiä. Firmat ja omistajat ovat vieneet kamansa pois tai sitten joku mukava kanssaihminen on ne sieltä sosialisoinut ja jäljelle jää vain tilaa ja pintoja joita kaiken maailman vandaalit sitten käyvät yksinkertaisuudessan koristelemassa spraymaalilla ja oman mielikuvituksensa tuotoksilla. Ja jos jotain irtaimistoa on paikalle jäänyt niin ne on pitänyt pirstoa, polttaa tai vähintäänkin kaataa. Tämä mesta oli iloinen yllätys. Paljon ihan suhteellisen ehjää kalustoa ja ihan makeita tiloja. Toki töhryjäkin löytyi mutta niillehän nyt ei voi mitään. Joten seuraavaksi kuvia kivasta pienestä urbexkohteesta Pohjanmaalla...


Thursday, May 30, 2019

My winter and spring / Mun talvi ja kevät

   It's been a while from last time I wrote on this blog, and now it's time to start again! There's quite a few reasons why I haven't been around. One of them has been lack of time. Since moving back to Finland from Croatia it's been pretty hectic and If there's been hard to find time for shooting, it's been even harder to schedule some time for writing. But I'll try to correct that now! What I'll also do is, I'll unite my second blog, which is in Finnish, to this blog. The reason is that then I most probably will update both of my blogs same time and I'll save lots of time (Wish!).
   While my shooting has been more random than ever, I've done some cool gigs during the winter and spring! Visited a couple urbex-sites, and enjoyed the atmosphere in them. Had fun on a family photo shoot, and then I also got the possibility to get my feet wet in interior photography (Thx, Helsinki Interiors!). In the end of the text following in suomenkieli, some images... (As always!)

  Tekstiä ja kuvia on tullut suollettua viime aikoina kohtalaisen vähän, kun on ollut muuttoa ja muuta elämää suurempaa! Nyt kuitenkin olis aika korjata tilanne ja näin puolen vuoden jälkeen aloittaa kirjoittaminen uudestaan. Kun nyt sais sen yhden kirjoituksen aikaiseksi viikossa tai edes kahdessa (Viikko oilis kiva), niin sehän olis erävoitto. Bulgaria tuli ja meni, samoin Kroatia! Nyt ollaan Suomen kamaralla ihan kunnolla ja näin niin kuin suurkaupungin (Kait Hesa-Espoo_Vantaa sellaisia ovat) maisemiin kunnolla asettuneena kiire tuntuu olevan kova ja valitettavasti se on tuntunut kuvauksissa. Koetan kuitenkin korjata tilanteen ja lisätä sekä kuvaamista ja myöskin kirjoittelua. Sen verran kuitenkin on tullut kameran takana oltua että muutama urbex-keikaus on seikkailtu, yksi superhauska perhekuvaus ja sitten viimeisenä mutta ei vähäisimpänä Helsinki Interiors salli meitsin päästä mukaan remmiin kuvailemaan tiloja! Joten ei tässä ihan laakereilla olla levätty. Blogista sen verran että ajattelin yhdistää tän lontoon murteisen The wilder side of life ja suomen kielisen Seikkailuja valon valtakunnassa blogit. Eli yksi blogi, kaksi kieltä ja näin säästyy aikaa (Hope)! Loppuun sitten kuvakavalkaadi kevättalven kuvailuista...