Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No time? It's time to combine

  When you don't have enough time for everything, it might be a good idea to combine things.Like for example at the moment I'm writing this post and enjoying my morning coffee. Lately it seems there has not been too much of hours left for photos so even there I try to find a way to do many things at once. Here's a couple of images from a combination sports/walkingthedog/photography/urbanexploration. Lots of things I just love. All the images made with my smart phone.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting 2016 started

  First photo trip for this year is behind and it meant wet feet. But it was nice, not the wet feet, but the trip it self. When the snow starts to melt all the tiny brooks turn in to rivers and if you don't wear rubber boots it means that soon you are not as dry as you would like to. I'm eagerly waiting already for the spring to come, when all the tiny small critters crawl out from their holes and caves. That's after, maybe about two to three months, so until that I'll just have to shoot other things such as landscapes for example.