Wednesday, January 8, 2020


  Urbex, urban exploration, ue...?! You ever stumbled across these terms and wondered what is that?

  First, what it's not! It's not burglary! It's not vandalizing or braking places! It's not what only kids do!

  How about illegal? Yes... well in some cases! Dangerous? It could be? Interesting? depends! Fun? Well, in my and many other peoples opinion, definitely YES!

  Here's a wikipedia definition of urban exploration  and what it might include.

  For me and so many others entering and exploring abandoned places is one way of coping with stress. It's also away to be interested about history, people and how they lived and what they did before. And for me personally it's a way of challenging my self. Why? I've always been a bit of afraid of  darkness, so for me every time I enter a new abandoned building or place, it's like a conquer. It's like competing with my fear and winning! And then the photos you can make in such places, they are just marvelous. Of course there are some risks. Some places are already falling apart, so you can end up falling and hurting yourself or the ceiling might fall on you. Asbestos, mold, glass! And then occasionally you might bump into other people, like for example junkies, vandals, homeless, other urbexers... and as you know people are people, some are good some are bad but you never know who's what, and in an abandoned building or such it's pretty "interesting" to meet people. So there definitely are some risks to consider. But then you can always minimize some of them. Good shoes and clothing, a torch, good physical and mental health, minding where you step, good skills in communicating with people etc.

  Do you feel intrigued? Me too! How do you find all those abandoned and interesting places? I'll return to that in some other post. For now, enjoy the images from different locations... and by the way, do you love to explore abandoned and decaying places? If you do, please comment below why!


Monday, January 6, 2020

My plans for this year (and something from the last)!

  Lets start again because it's the beginning of the year anyway! I don't do any new years promises, but I still can make a try to keep this blog going on.
As it's a new start, I'll try to make and write in this post some kind of a framework for my future posts for this year... Ready?

I will definitely gonna write about urban exploration, which is checking out and exploring all kinds of decaying and abandoned stuff, buildings, vehicles, places, just to mention a few. Here's a couple of images from this and last year.... (text continues after the pics!)

Then there is my other love, Portraiture! That's definitely on the top of my want to write about things! What gear, how to light, how to pose, head shots, full body, fantasy... well, people photography you know and me learning and doing things. Here's a couple of examples from the past year...                                         

And then there is landscapes! I shot a few of them last year, and nothing will stop me shooting them this year...                                                                                                                                                  

And who knows if I'll take my gear out in the search of  snakes and other interesting creatures and natural phenomenons?...                                                                                                                             

...Hope you enjoyed the images, and I really wish there will be lots of more both pictures and adventures for me and you this year. Stay tuned for more!