Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A mix of images

  Grabbing up a camera and making a couple of images can sometimes be such a pain. Sometimes you are just too busy. Sometimes it's just that you lack inspiration. And then it could be laziness. Or how about a nice even combination of all three? However, I managed to make a few images during the last couple of weeks. Tried a flash bender, photographed landscapes, portraits, and even a couple of bugs... and then I had a gig to shoot a couple apartments (and I was very exited about it), but it failed due to a misunderstanding. So no photos of that. But I'll share what I have...



Saturday, September 12, 2015

A quick portrait shoot

  When it comes to cameras, I've been lately shooting more with my smartphone, than with a DSLR. I actually started a picture a day project for a couple weeks ago, with the idea to use only my Samsung phone, and the results you can see in Instagram @georgfagerlund. This doesn't mean that I buried my "real cameras", but more like that I've been so busy with other things that the only way to shoot has been the phone thingie. Today though I managed to make a couple of frames. The gear I used was a Nikon D300s and two Yongnuo YN560 mark 4 flashes. My setup was pretty simple. My beautiful model was standing in front of a brown wall, one flash unit was behind the model for the rim light, and one flash was bounced through the ceiling from the right side of me. For post processing I used Nikon Capture NX2 and a little fine tuning in ON1 Perfect Effects 9. The image looks like this, a lovely portrait of a lovely model.