Monday, January 9, 2017


    Winter means cold and snow, but it's still quite a fun period during the year. Snow is just so beautiful element, and a great backdrop for portraits. Winter landscapes have something in them too. When shooting outdoors in the winter, there's two basic things which might be a good thing to remember. The first one has to do with the exposure. Snow is white and bright and tricks very easily your cameras exposure meter to give you under exposed values. If you don't compensate, your snow will end up gray. So, if you are shooting in manual mode, just over expose your image with one or even two full stops and your snow will stay beautifully white. The second thing has to do with the gear. Shooting outside below freezing point makes your camera cold. When you bring your gear inside, it might be a good thing to let your camera and lenses to stay inside a closed camera bag for a couple of hours, so that they'll warm up a bit. This procedure will prevent water condensate in your gear. Humidity inside your lenses may cause some fungus, a big no no which you can very easily avoid.So let's not be afraid of the winter, but instead enjoy of it. And the summer is on its way anyway.