Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Common toad

  When you encounter a snake in the wild you have to be fast and I mean really, otherwise you'll end up with zero photos. What happened to me last weekend is exactly that, no photos. While walking on a rocky beach, I stumbled across this beautiful and a fairly large black grass snake. Just be fast and grab it! That's what I tried, and normally it would've been an easy task, but this time I had a backpack weighting some 15 kilos on my back and between me and the snake there was this tree branch. Ducking down and moving fast forward I was so sure I'll grab it. But no, my tripod, which was fastened to my backpack got stuck in the tree branch. Three seconds and I was loose, but then my shoe got stuck between the rocks... and the snake was gone. Bummer!!! I was just soooo disappointed. I was just about to move on, when I saw this large common toad. Not really what I wanted to shoot or what I was expecting to find that evening, but as the snake escaped I just had to suck it up and settle with a beautiful toad. At least they are quite slow moving and easy to handle.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

What a trip

  After almost 24 hours of driving tiny small central European roads, you are exhausted. What you wish for is a shower and bed. The last thing you probably think of is photography. As you've been travelling with your favorite photo model, you know that she's tired too, and most probably even she wishes that you've forgotten photography, atleast for a while. Just could't help my self...