Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cats, cats, dogs and one wife...

  During the past two weeks I've hadn't had too much of spare time over for photography, but when there's been those moments it's mostly been pets in the focus images. So here's a few.

             No flash or any other equipment than camera and a lens. Very convenient.

                          Some extra light added with a white card from the left.

                                            Kitten version of Count Dracula.

                                     Clean towel and your new box home

                                               Kitten with a flash.

                                Kittens with a flash and a reflector on the left.

                                ...Same as the previous.

                                The dogs need some attention too ( and my wife. )

                               Anu, Sussu and high speed sync... What a combination!  

Saturday, July 4, 2015


  ... At the moment it's difficult to find the words. Yesterday evening, our walk with our dogs ended up in us returning home with a box full of abandoned, maybe just only four week old, kittens. What kind of a person leaves a bunch of helpless kittens in a park, just to be killed by hunger, stray dogs or cold or what ever else? So... we need your help!!! If you are in a need of small kitten or two, or know someone who is willing to take one, please let me know! At our household we have already six cats and two dogs... so probably you can understand that it's pretty crowded here, and not too many places left over for extra kittens. The person for whom we'll give a cat or two should be a responsible person, willing to feed the cat(s) not only with bread, but real cat food and to neuter the animal. Neutering the cat will be a financial burden, but in the long run will benefit the animal, as well as the community too. So, my question is: is there any one out there? Of course it helps if you are in Bulgaria, but even if you would be in some other country and you are ready to adopt one or two of these beauties, just let me know.