Monday, August 31, 2020

The key - Collaboration

     Even if the photographer is the one who presses the shutter release, and so often gets credits for a good picture, there's still always at least one more person involved in making of the image, and that's the model/s of course. So in the end that superb image is not only a result of one person standing in the front of the camera, and someone else standing behind it and then pressing that button, but it's  more like a beautiful co-work of two persons wanting to create something nice and beautiful.

   Both have their roles of course! A good model actively tries to find poses and expressions. She/He also listens what the photographer is telling to do and tries to follow that guidance. And then if She/He has good ideas, I don't think any photographer would shut the ears from listening to good ideas. I mean if a model is wanting to try some ideas of her own, it's just showing she's actively trying to make the shoot end up with good results.

  If the model should be active, then the photographer should be even more. It's not just giving direction, telling the model to do this and doing that, but it's more like building a good connection between the two parts. Keeping up the conversation, joking, giving compliments, making the model to relax. Then there's  that posing part. Sometimes the model finds the good poses by herself, and sometimes the photographer have to tell her what he wants to be accomplished. Often the pose is good, but still a small fine tuning is needed, so that's when the photographer tells what to do. And the photographer tries to check out where the light is good so that the model is placed in the right spot. if any artificial lights are used he/she makes sure that they are moved so that the light hits the subject perfectly. And don't forget the backdrop, the photographer keeps constant watch over the background so that there are no distractions being visible, no poles sticking out from the talents head or something else that will distract the viewer 

  When both parts actively try to do their best, the outcome will be a bunch of good maybe even excellent photos! Ok, there will probably be a load of frames with bad poses, closed eyes, awkward hands and weird composing, but with good cooperation all those misses are minimized, and the result will be a fun shoot and excellent images!

  Here's a few images from a shoot with Sini a couple of weeks ago. The shoot was fun and cool, and with some good collaboration we made some really beautiful pictures!


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